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A: We welcome the individual researchers/research institutes or companies engaged in life science and biopharmaceutical field to become BioIPSeeds members.
  • If you are individual researchers and will manage your own intellectual properties on this platform, please apply for Individual Researcher Membership.
  • If you are on behalf of an education and research institute, for example, a university, an academia- industry collaboration center or a technology transfer office, please apply for Research Institute Membership. Account user will need to declare its legitimacy on behalf of his institute.
  • If you are on behalf of a company, please apply for Industry Membership. Account user will need to declare its legitimacy on behalf of his company.
A: You can go to ipseeds.net, click Sign Up and complete your profile. We will activate your account after verifying your information in 5 days.


A: Individual researcher and research Institute membership is free. Annual fee of industry membership is 4,000 USD.
After verifying your profile, you will receive a payment notice by e-mail. Please follow the instructions to finish the payment and you will be able to access to BioIPSeeds.


A: IPSeeds establishes a Personal Data Protection Act that strictly comprises various rules governing the collection, use, disclosure and care of personal data. Please read term of use and privacy police.
A: It will take in 5 days to verify your profile. After we verify profile, you will receive the e-mail notification.
A: Please contact us by e-mail.

Account & Settings

A: If you need to edit your account user information i.e. company information, delegate of user account, or contact information, please contact us by email.
A: If you've forgotten your password or have trouble to sign in to your account, please visit: https://www.ipseeds.net/en/users/forgot_password. Enter the email address, and we will send you a link to reset your password.
A: Please understand that we may deactivate your account access to the BioIPSeedson grounds of the term of use, transaction security or any other considerations to be deemed appropriate by us. To reactivate your account, please contact us by email.
A: Yes, please contact us by email.


A: Your passphrase is required to use to decrypt messages and files on BioIPSeeds.
A: BioIPSeeds will generate a unique passphrase at the first time when you sign in.
A: Please make sure you save your passphrase privately. Your passphrase is not stored by BioIPSeeds or anywhere on a centralized database. Therefore, the same passphrase will NOT issue again.
A: Without passphrase, you will no longer be able to decrypt messages or files. If you forgot your passphrase, please email us to apply for a new passphrase. You will ask to re-request all data contracts. The new passphrase can only decrypt the new messages and files.
A: All the contracts and messages are encrypted based on blockchain technology. Only old passphrase can access to decrypt the previous information.


A: You are required to notarize your data before issuing data contract. If you would like to send out the updated information, please remember to notarize again.
A: IPSeeds use the most frontier blockchain technology. All the data cannot be edited or withdrawal. You are able to post the updated IP Summary. However, if you would like to withdrawal the IP Summary, the only way is to set up the privacy of your IP summary.
A: BioIPseeds uses blockchain to secure IP information. IP information is only shared between individual researcher and company. All the transaction records (every single exchange between both sides) are permanently anchored and traceable on blockchain.


A: BioIPSeeds offers many advantages:
  1. Prove your ownership of early research projects by blockchain.
  2. Reduce time and cost for project searching.
  3. Increase efficiency of collaboration by online NDA and IP exchange.
  4. Provide an effective, safe and trustful environment for academia-industry interaction.
  5. Build up the global network.
A: Peer to peer platform is a decentralized platform whereby two individuals interact directly with each other, without intermediation by a third-party.
A: The Economist Magazine 2015 commented “Blockchain technology is a machine for creating trust”. This technology is now widely explored by industries of finance, healthcare, energy resources, retail business, and among many others. The most well-known blockchain technology case is “Bitcoin, indicating its security, immutability and traceability. Blockchain redefines how a next- generation network should work. For more information about the blockchain, please see: http://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Block_chain.
A: “IP Notary” is a function for proving the ownership by using blockchain to notarize your IP and any other data.
A: “IP Summary” is a function for posting your non-confidential information of your research project to find partners for co-development, license in/out, technology transfer as well as fund raising.
A: You can click on the “Request for Information” button on the left of IP Summary detail page. You can either use “Comment box” to contact the researchers or use “Messages” function to send messages to the issuer of IP Summary.
A: You can send messages to other IPSeeds users by using the “Messages” function. If you have unread messages, the numbers of unread messages will show up on menu item. All the messages are encrypted and only you and the recipient are able to decrypt and read the messages.
A: Interested parties can sign NDA online and exchange confidential information by using the “Contract Issuing” function. Signed NDA and all data exchange records are anchored on blockchain permanently and immutably.
A: In order to issue contacts, you have to add the account users in to your contact list. Click on the username, and then click on “Add to Contact List”.
A: You can view all the blockchain transactions on BioIPSeeds in the “Explorer” section.