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BioIPSeeds Trusted Platform Terms of Use

English - Preface

As open innovation sets a global trend, the Taiwan Research-based Biopharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (TRPMA) and the Digital Treasury Corporation (DTCO) (hereafter “we”, “us” or “our”) jointly develop the Bio IPSeeds Trusted Platform (hereafter the “platform”), which uses the features of the blockchain technology, such as IP notarization and traceable transaction information, to help facilitate the communication between the academia and the industry. The platform allows researchers to register their research results, and the industry to quickly search for and locate suitable development projects. The platform aims to expedite the development and marketing processes of new drugs and new medical devices by matching the collaboration requirements between the academia and the industry, such as through joint development, technology transfer or fundraising.

We welcome any individuals from the academia or the industry to register as a member of this platform and use the services provided by the platform (hereafter the “service”). We would like to advise the users of the platform and/or the service (including all authorized members and other users, hereafter “you” or “your”) to carefully read the “Terms of Use” (hereafter the “agreement”) and comply with the articles in the agreement.

I. Introduction of the Platform : Accept the Agreement

  1. This platform is an online communication platform for the collaboration between the academia and the industry. This platform is jointly provided by TRPMA and DTCO.
  2. When you visit, contact or use the platform in any ways, you are subject to the terms of use. It indicates that you have read, understood and accepted all contents in the agreement, no matter whether you are a registered member (hereafter the “member”) or not. To apply for membership, you must firstly read, understand and accept all contents of the agreement. After your application is reviewed and approved by us and you become an authorized member, you can then access all relevant services provided by the platform (hereafter the “service”).
  3. We reserve the rights to modify or change the contents of this agreement at any time. We will announce the revised contents of the agreement in an appropriate site of the platform. Members will not be informed of such changes personally. Please pay attention to the modifications or changes of the contents of the agreement. By using the platform and/or the service after the contents of the agreement are modified or changed, it indicates that you have read, understood and accepted the modified or changed contents.
  4. If you don’t agree with or accept the whole or a part of the agreement, or if the whole or a port of the agreement is not applicable in your country or region, you should stop using the platform and/or the service immediately.

II. Use and Registration

  1. The platform implements a real-name system. We may take appropriate measures to verify a user’s identity at any time. If you use the platform and/or the service as a non-natural person, we can, at any time, request appropriate information from you (including, without limitation, authorization letters or business certificates) in order to verify that you are a delegate authorized by a legal person, institute, group or organization to use the platform and/or the service.
  2. In order to use the platform and/or the service, or to register as a member, you must follow the registration form or other instructions and provide the most accurate, recent and complete personal information and/or the information of your associated legal person, institute, group or organization.
  3. You should maintain and update your personal information and/or the information of your associated legal person, institute, group or organization in a timely manner and ensure the data is most accurate, recent and complete.
  4. You understand and agree that we have the ultimate right to decide the qualifications for membership, to evaluate applications, to approve the membership and to decide relevant procedures and matters.

III. Personal Data Protection Act

As we are going to collect your personal data, we have the obligation to inform you of the following details pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Act. Please read them carefully.

  1. The purposes of data collection: Including, without limitation, (1) to manage membership, to operate the platform or to resolve other platform-related matters; (2) to maintain information safety; (3) to fulfil the obligations or to exercise the rights according to the agreement; and (4) to resolve contractual, contract-like or legal related matters.
  2. The types of data to be collected: data that can be used to directly or indirectly identify a person, including, without limitation, personal identity (name, ID No., profession, contact details) or financial identity (credit card or debit card details, bank code or account No.)
  3. How the personal data is to be used: (1) when: the personal data shall be retained for no longer than the period necessary for its specific purpose, the period as stipulated by laws (including, without limitation, the Business Accounting Law), the period as specified by the contract, or the period required for the provision of the service; (2) where: in R.O.C, the locations of our organization and our branches, the locations of the recipients of the personal data through international transmission, or the locations of persons or institutes in collaboration with us; (3) who: we, our affiliated businesses or collaborative partners, as well as their delegates, agencies and employees; (4) how: in written forms, electronic files, telephone, fax, or other automatic or non-automatic methods.
  4. According to Article 3 of the Personal Data Protection Act, you can exercise the following rights to the personal data retained by us: (1) you can request the access to your personal data or a duplicate copy of your personal data from us. By law, we can charge you a fee for necessary cost; (2) you can request us to add or correct the data; and (3) you can request us to delete or to stop collecting, processing and/or using the data.
  5. By law, you can freely decide whether to provide the personal data or not. However, without the personal data, you may not be able to use the whole or a port of the platform and/or the service.

IV. Member Account, Pass Phrase and Security

Members should keep their accounts and pass phrases confidential and take the responsibilities for all activities that occur under the member’s account and pass phrase. Members understand and agree to the following matters:

  1. After completing the registration and certification procedure, the member will be asked to set a unique Pass Phrase for accessing the blockchain. The member should keep the Pass Phrase safe. We are not responsible for keeping your Pass Phrase or providing enquiry service about the records of your Pass Phrase.
  2. Member Account and Pass Phrase belong to the member only. They cannot be transferred or lent to any third party or person, nor can they be inherited.
  3. Members should inform us immediately of stolen Account or Pass Phrase and any security-related issues.
  4. Members should completely log out and disconnect from the account after each use of the platform and/or the service.

V. Member’s Obligations and Commitments

You promise that you will not use the platform and/or the service for any illegal purposes or in any illegal ways. You also promise to comply with relevant regulations imposed by the R.O.C Government and all international practices regarding the use of the internet. If you are a member located outside the R.O.C, you promise to comply with the regulations imposed by your local government in addition to the aforementioned regulations and practices. You also agree and guarantee that you will not use the platform and/or the service for the following activities, including but not limited to:

  1. To publish or distribute messages, texts, pictures or any forms of files, information or data which are slanderous, insulting, threatening, offensive, indecent, salacious or false or in violation of public orders or common decency;
  2. To damage other people’s reputation or to infringe privacy, business secrets, trademark rights, copyrights, patent rights, intellectual property rights or any other rights and interests;
  3. To violate legal or contractual obligations;
  4. To use the platform and/or the service under other people’s name;
  5. To transmit or spread computer viruses;
  6. To engage in illegal transactions, or to post messages which are false or have an effect of inducing people to commit a crime;
  7. To circulate junk mails, messages, texts, pictures or any forms of files, information or data;
  8. To behave in a way that infringes other people’s rights;
  9. To behave in a way that breaches any laws, judicial rules, orders or legally binding administrative measures;
  10. To behave in a way deemed inappropriate by us.

VI. User’s Contents

The responsibility of the materials post publicly or sent privately by users (including information, data, texts, software, music, photos, pictures, messages, voice messages, video messages and any forms of files and data, hereafter “user’s contents”) lies with the person who provides the contents. You fully understand and agree that we do not preview or control the user’s contents; hence, we cannot warrant that the user’s contents are free from factual flaws (including, without limitation, warranties of merchantability) or legal flaws (including, without limitation, flaws or mistakes concerning safety, reliability, accuracy, integrity, validity, security and fitness for a particular purpose, programming errors, and the integrity or infringement of rights). We give no warranty on the user’s contents. You fully understand and agree that you may encounter unpleasant, inappropriate or irritating user’s contents when you use the platform. Under no circumstances, we are responsible for any user’s contents, including but not limited to any mistakes or oversights, as well as damages or losses derived from the materials or emails transmitted or posted via the platform. You fully understand and agree that we have the right to ban, reject, remove or use other methods to process any user’s contents based on our considerations. You fully understand and agree that when you use any user’s contents, you are at your own risk. It is your responsibility to evaluate the accuracy, integrity, practicability or other features of the user’s contents. You fully understand and agree that we may retain and disclose any user’s contents, if such act is required by laws or by the government or is appropriate for the following purposes:

  1. To carry out the agreement;
  2. To respond to claims of the infringement of a third person’s rights;
  3. To protect the rights, properties or security of the platform, other users or the public; and
  4. To fulfil any purposes deemed appropriate by us.

VII. Signing Contracts or Engaging in Other Transaction Activities

You may decide to sign a contract or to engage in other transaction activities on this platform. The legal relationship and the biding power of the aforementioned behaviour work only between you and the third party. We do not involve in the aforementioned transaction activities unless specified otherwise. We disclaim all warranties on the target or other contents of the aforementioned transaction activities.

VIII. Protection of Intellectual Property

Regarding the software, programs and all contents on the site of the platform, (including, without limitation, texts, pictures, photos, files, information, data, the structure of the site and the layout and design of the webpages, hereafter the “platform contents”) and all derivatives of the platform contents, we and/or other right holders own the intellectual property rights, including, without limitation, trademark rights, patent rights, copyrights, business secrets and special proprietary technology, etc. Unless with prior written consent from us and/or other right holders, no one can cite, forward, use, revise, reproduce, publicly broadcast, convert, distribute, publish, publicly present the platform contents, nor can the contents be subjected to reverse engineering, coding or reverse translation. Being a member does not indicate that you will obtain from us and/or other right holders, either expressed or implied, the authorization of the platform contents or any forms of the intellectual property rights. You have an obligation to respect intellectual property rights. If you are in breach of the intellectual property rights, then you are liable for any consequential damages to us and/or other right holders (including, without limitation, goodwill, litigation fees, legal fees, etc.)

IX. Disclaimers

You should make your own judgement on whether to use the platform and/or the service. You agree to take the risk of using the platform and/or the service (including, without limitation, the damage to your computer system or equipment for network accessing, downloading or broadcasting, or any data losses caused by your viewing or saving data from the platform and/or the service). You agree to waive your rights of taking any legal actions against or making appeals to us. You understand and agree that we do not give, either expressed or implied, any guarantee that the platform and/or the service are free from factual flaws (including, without limitation, warranties of merchantability) or legal flaws (flaws or mistakes concerning safety, reliability, accuracy, integrity, validity, security or fitness for a particular purpose, programming errors, and the integrity or infringement of rights). We are not obliged to clear the aforementioned flaws, nor do we provide any warranty on the platform and/or the service. No information received by you from the platform and/or the service (including, without limitation, all articles previously mentioned in the agreement) will create a warranty from us, no matter in what form the information is received (including, without limitation, in written form, via telecommunication, or orally) . The platform and/or the service are provided for you “as it currently is” and “as when you use it”. You understand and agree that we do not guarantee you the following matters:

  1. The platform and/or the service can meet your needs;
  2. The platform and/or the service provide timely service and safe/reliable operational procedures, or are free from interference and errors;
  3. The results obtained from using the platform and/or the service are accurate, true and reliable; and
  4. The products, rights, benefits, liabilities, services, information or any data which are traded with, transferred to or obtained by you via the platform and/or the service meet your expectation.

X. Service Suspension or Interruption

You understand and agree that we may temporarily suspend or interrupt the whole or a part of the platform and/or the service under the circumstances stated below. We are not liable for any direct or indirect consequential damages or losses occurring to you.

  1. As required by laws or by the government;
  2. During the migration, replacement, upgrade, maintenance or repair of the software or hardware of the platform and/or the service;
  3. When you are involved in any violation of laws, regulations or the agreement; and
  4. As a result of natural disasters or other force majeure.

For suspension or interruption caused by routine maintenance, replacement or changes, we may inform you of such suspension or interruption in advance via emails, announcements or other appropriate methods.

XI. Membership Rejection or Termination

You understand and agree that we may, without giving any prior notice, reject or terminate your Pass Phrase, Account or your access to the platform and/or the service on grounds of the articles in the agreement, transaction security or any other considerations deemed appropriate by us. You agree that we assume no liabilities to you for any consequences of the aforementioned act. You understand and agree that we will take all measures we deem appropriate when you breach the agreement or under circumstances deemed necessary by us. However, it does not imply that we have the obligation to carry out the aforementioned measures.

XII. Information Storage

The platform and/or the service process and store its data on a server which can be located in any country or region. By using the platform and/or the service, it indicates that you understand and agree that your data can be transmitted across the borders. You also understand and agree that we process and store your data in the country where you are, as well as outside your country.

XIII. Responsibilities

  1. You are fully responsible for your conduct and the consequences of your use of the platform and/or the service.
  2. You understand and agree that you are liable to us if your use of the platform and/or the service constitutes a breach of laws or the agreement. You are liable for the compensation for any consequential damages and/or losses occurring to us (including, without limitation, good will, litigation fees and legal fees).
  3. You understand and agree that in no event will we, our delegates, agencies and employees be liable to you for direct, indirect, consequential or derived damages or losses due to your use of the platform and/or the service, unless in situations of deliberateness or serious mistakes when we are liable to you for a limited compensation pursuant to the agreement. The agreement on limited liability is not about prior exemption from deliberateness or serious mistakes. Instead, it is a prior bilateral agreement on the scope and amount of the compensation.

XIV. The Validity of Individual Articles

In situations where an article in the agreement deemed invalid by the authority, it does not affect the validity of other articles.

XV. Legal Basis and the Court of Competent Jurisdiction

The explanation and application of the agreement and all disputes about the platform and/or the service should be handled according to the laws imposed by the R.O.C Government. The Taipei District Court of the R.O.C is the court of competent jurisdiction for the first instance.

XVI. Article Headings

The heading of each article in the agreement has no effect on its contents. The validity of each article is based on the text in its contents.

XVII. Language

In situations where there are conflicts in the agreement between the Chinese version and other language translations, for example additional articles or difference in texts, the Chinese version prevails over other translations.

XVIII. Unstated Matters

You understand and agree that we have the final say for all unstated matters about the agreement, the platform and/or the service.

For any enquires or concerns about the agreement, the platform and/or the service, please contact us via email: support@ipseeds.net or contact us (link).

中文 - 前言

在全球推動生技醫藥Open Innovation的趨勢中,台灣研發型生技新藥發展協會 (下稱「TRPMA」) 與薩摩亞商數金科技有限公司 (下稱「DTCO」) 共同開發「生技醫藥產學合作信任平台Bio IPSeeds Trusted Platform」(下稱「本平台」,與TRPMA及DTCO以下合稱「我們」),運用區塊鏈智財公證、追溯交易資訊的特性,協助產學建立溝通平台,提供學研界登錄研發種子,供產業界快速蒐尋,共同開發、技術轉移、或尋求資金,以促成國內產學合作,縮短新藥及新興醫材研發及上市時程。


一、 本平台介紹;接受協議

  1. 本平台係由TRPMA與DTCO所共同提供之線上產學合作溝通平台。
  2. 只要您訪問、接觸或以其他任何形式使用本平台,無論是否已註冊為會員(下稱「平台會員」),即表示您已閱讀、瞭解並同意接受本協議之所有內容。此外,您必須閱讀、瞭解並同意接受本協議之所有內容,才能申請註冊成為平台會員;在經過我們審核並認證核准為平台會員後,方得使用本平台所提供之所有相關服務(下稱「本服務」)。
  3. 我們有權隨時修改或變更本協議內容,並將於本平台適當處公告修改或變更後之內容,而不另為分別通知;您應隨時注意該等修改或變更。只要您於任何修改或變更後繼續使用本平台及/或本服務,即表示您已閱讀、瞭解並同意接受修改或變更後之本協議內容。
  4. 如果您不同意本協議之全部或一部,或者您所屬的國家或地域排除本協議之全部或一部之適用時,您應立即停止使用本平台及/或本服務。

二、 使用及註冊

  1. 本平台實施實名制,我們得隨時以我們認為適當之方式確認使用者身分。您如以非屬自然人身分使用本平台及/或本服務,我們得隨時要求您提供我們認為適當之資訊(包括但不限於授權書或工商憑證等)以驗證您有權代表所屬之法人、機構、團體或組織使用本平台及/或本服務。
  2. 為使用本平台及/或本服務,或為申請成為平台會員,您應依本平台上註冊表或其他指示,提供您所屬法人、機構、團體或組織及/或個人正確、最新及完整的資料。
  3. 您應隨時維護及即時更新您所屬法人、機構、團體或組織及/或個人資料,確保前述資料為正確、最新及完整。
  4. 您瞭解並同意,我們保有決定平台會員資格、審核申請、認證核准成為平台會員及決定其他相關程序及事宜之最終權限。

三、 個人資料保護法應告知事項說明


  1. 蒐集目的:包括但不限於(1)平台會員管理、本平台營運及其他與本平台相關之事宜、(2)資通安全及管理;(3)履行本協議義務或行使本協議權利;及(4)契約、類似契約或法律關係事務。
  2. 蒐集個人資料類別:包括但不限於識別個人(姓名、身分證字號、職業、聯絡方式)或識別財務(信用卡或簽帳卡之號碼、其他金融代碼或帳戶)等得以直接或間接識別個人的相關資訊。
  3. 個人資料利用之期間、地區、對象及方式:(1)期間:個人資料蒐集之特定目的存續期間、依相關法令(包括但不限於商業會計法等)或契約約定之保存期限或我們因提供本服務所須之保存期間;(2)地區:中華民國、我們及我們的分支機構所在地、國際傳輸個人資料之接收者所在地或與我們有合作往來之人員或機構營業處所所在地;(3)對象:我們、我們的關係企業或相關合作對象,以及前述人等所屬代表人、代理人及受僱人;及(4)方式:書面、電子文件、電話、傳真、以自動化或其他非自動化之利用方式。
  4. 依據個資法第3條規定,您就我們所保有您之個人資料,得行使下列權利:(1)得向我們查詢、請求閱覽或請求製給複製本,而我們依法得酌收必要成本費用;(2)得向我們請求補充或更正;及(3)得向我們請求停止蒐集、處理、利用及刪除。
  5. 依法您得自由選擇是否提供個人資料,惟若您不提供,可能致使您無法使用本平台及/或本服務之全部或一部。

四、 平台會員帳號、密碼及安全


  1. 平台會員完成註冊及認證後,將自訂一組專屬之區塊鏈金鑰密碼 (Pass Phrase),應由平台會員自行記錄及保管,我們不負保管責任,我們不儲存亦無法提供該金鑰之記錄及查詢服務。
  2. 平台會員之帳號密碼專屬於平台會員個人,不得轉讓、出借予第三人或使第三人繼承。
  3. 平台會員的密碼或帳號遭到盜用或有其他任何安全問題發生時,平台會員須立即通知我們。
  4. 平台會員應於每次使用本平台及/或本服務完畢後,均登出平台會員帳號並結束帳號連線。

五、 守法義務及承諾


  1. 公布或傳送任何誹謗、侮辱、具威脅性、攻擊性、不雅、猥褻、不實、違反公共秩序或善良風俗或其他不法之文字、圖片或任何形式的檔案、資料或數據;
  2. 侵害他人名譽、隱私權、營業秘密、商標權、著作權、專利權、其他智慧財產權及其他權利及利益;
  3. 違反依法律或契約所應負之義務;
  4. 冒用他人名義使用本平台及/或本服務;
  5. 傳輸或散佈電腦病毒;
  6. 從事不法交易行為或張貼虛假不實、引人犯罪之訊息;
  7. 濫發廣告郵件、訊息、文字、圖片或其他任何形式的檔案、資料或數據;
  8. 任何侵害他人權益之行為;
  9. 任何違反法令、法院裁判、命令或具有拘束力之行政措施之行為;及
  10. 其他任何我們認為不適當之行為。

六、 使用者內容


  1. 執行本協議;
  2. 回應任何侵害第三人權利之主張;
  3. 保護本平台及其使用者及公眾之權利、財產或個人安全;及
  4. 其他任何我們認為適當之目的。

七、 合約簽署或其他交易行為


八、 智慧財產權的保護


九、 免責聲明


  1. 本平台及/或本服務符合您的需求;
  2. 本平台及/或本服務不受干擾、及時提供、操作流程安全可靠或無錯誤;
  3. 您使用本平台及/或本服務而取得之結果為正確、真實或可靠;及
  4. 您經由本平台及/或本服務所進行之交易、受讓或取得之任何產品、權利、利益、義務、服務、資訊或其他資料符合您的期望。

十、 停止、中斷提供服務


  1. 依據法令或政府機關之要求時;
  2. 對本平台及/或本服務相關軟硬體設備進行搬遷、更換、升級、保養或維修時;
  3. 您有任何違反法令或本協議之情形時;及
  4. 天災或其他不可抗力之情形時。


十一、 拒絕或終止會員的使用


十二、 資訊儲存


十三、 責任

  1. 您因使用本平台及/或本服務所從事之所有行為及其結果,您應自行負擔一切責任。
  2. 您瞭解並同意,若您使用本平台及/或本服務之行為違反法令或本協議,應對我們負責;倘我們因此受有損害及/或損失(包括但不限於商譽、訴訟費用及律師費用),您應對此負賠償責任。
  3. 您瞭解並同意,除有故意或重大過失時可能須以向您依本協議所收取之給付數額為限度負賠償責任外,我們及我們的代表人、代理人及受僱人等,無須為您使用本平台及/或本服務時所發生之任何直接、間接、附隨或衍生之損害或損失負擔賠償責任。前述關於賠償責任之約定,並非對故意或重大過失責任之預先免除,而係您與我們先行合意決定賠償之範圍與數額。

十四、 個別條款之效力


十五、 準據法與管轄法院


十六、 標題


十七、 語言


十八、 未盡事宜


若您對於本協議、本平台及/或本服務有任何問題或疑慮,敬請以電子郵件support@ipseeds.net或 Contact us(連結)與我們聯絡。